Baconalia 2010

Bacon-alia is Enid’s first BACON FESTIVAL! Yes, a bacon festival! Who doesn’t love bacon? Close your eyes and imagine the succulent smell of bacon lingering over downtown. You follow it until you see the most brilliant display of bacon you could imagine. You want to take your clothes off and roll in it. But a tasty BLT and an ice cold beer will suffice. Welcome to BACON-ALIA 2010!

Things you might see at Bacon-alia: Bacon cook off, Miss Piggy Pageant, greased pig contest, hog calling, Bacon Bloody Marys, Maple Bacon Donuts – who knows what could happen??!!

If you want to be a judge on the cook-off panel, you must submit an essay as to why you should be awarded the privielge to taste test all that fabulous bacon! Cook-off will consist of appetizer, main course dish, side dish, dessert, and drink.

There will be a LIMITED number of tickets sold for Bacon-alia, so keep that in mind. No ticket = no bacon!

More details coming soon!